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Clinical Application - Knee Osteoarthritis




Knee Osteoarthritis
 occurs easily in the elder person and heavy labor due to injuries suffered in previous years. It often occurs in the cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, knee joints, and the hips joints. It is also caused by the degeneration, dehydration and erosion of the cartilage between the joints, which cause the joints not to move smoothly and after a long period of time generating the erosion of the bone beneath the cartilage. One of poplar disease, “bone spurs” which place pressure on nearby nerves and results in many clinical symptoms.

Knee Osteoarthritis
is a chronic disease usually with mild persistent joint pain, possibly limited to one side or spread over the entire joint. Movement in the joints causes pain, although not intense, and resting for a while can alleviate the pain. However long periods without exercise will cause stiffness and the joints will ache while beginning to exercise, but the symptoms will alleviate after a bit of exercise. This is most obvious happened in the mornings and sometimes is due to the weather changes and reduction in atmospheric pressure which causes swelling in the joints and pain.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) Clinical Photos:
Because patients with Knee Osteoarthritis suffer from poor blood circulation and they also suffer from a lower body temperature, therefore in the image on the right of temperature in the left side of knee is lower and the size of the problem area can be clearly recognized.