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Company Introduction



United Integrated Services Co., Ltd. Is the only total solution provider of large size electronic machines, clean rooms, computers, telecoms, and system controls based in Taiwan.  The company’s core business values are based on perfection, accuracy, and efficiency.  Backed by its solid company structures with highly experienced staffs, when it comes to semi-conductor factory ground up or system integration constructions, UIS has always been the number one turnkey candidate.




UIS Electro Optical Division was funded in July, 2003 and led by Dr. David O’ Chang who dedicated his professionalism in Infrared missile tracing system (Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology / Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan).  Based on the fundamental ideas of electrical, optical, medical with In-House R&D, UIS was capable of creating many IR related high tech products.

UIS Digital Infrared Thermo Image System (SP9000MB), a highly sophisticated medical / security system that utilized IR technology to detect and to analyze human body temperature alterations.  Not only SP9000MB has received many awards, patents, certifications, it also transformed into a new era of none invasive dry eye diagnostic system.  The new device just recently entered its trial production phase with an expectation to lower the diagnose time as well as eliminating Schirmer’s Test.


UIS Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System, another exclusive creation dedicated to pain management, anti-inflammatory, and rehabilitation by combining Low Level Laser Therapy and cupping therapy.  The UIS Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System market share in Taiwan is over 90% and heavily co-op with many well known medical facilities throughout the country.

UIS never stops to foresee and to fulfill the market needs; and will be aggressively to promote, to expand the applications of DITI and LLLT.